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✅10 LBS Steak varieties from Porterhouse, New York Strip, Rib, Round, and Tenderloin.

 ✅10 LBS Roasts, Chuck, Tri-Tip, or Arm Roast.

✅ 10 LBS of Ground Beef (80-85% lean).

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Delivered Right To Your Door!
Raised On A Local Family Ranch!
Grassfed, Pasture Raised, No Antibiotics or Hormones!
"Wanted to let you know that we purchased 1/4 beef from you and it’s FABULOUS! Thank you for quality, taste and great service!🦋"
Marylou M.
Post Falls, ID
"Love the taste and knowing where our beef comes from. It's great having something the whole family can enjoy!"
Grace G.
Post Falls, ID
 The convenience of having my beef delivered straight to my door. I like the fact I have great quality beef in my freezer."
Drew X.
Boise, ID
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